As digital spreads to every facet of our lives, marketers are trying to figure out how to use it to get their message out to the masses. The average marketer is still struggling with how to effectively do marketing online. Rather than finding enthusiastic supporters of their latest digital effort, they watch their programs go unnoticed and ignored by customers. Even the “lucky” ones who manage to be noticed are often quickly abandoned. But for a select few, there is an entirely different outcome. These programs are not only noticed, but become fixtures in consumers’ lives.

Question is…are you creating digital marketing people love or love to hate?


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Want to know what “We Hate Your .com” is all about, but aren’t much of a reader? We’ve got you covered. Sit back and enjoy my “Lecture” on the topic. And, relax. It’s only 7 minutes. For an extra degree of difficulty, this presentation was given in Pecha Kucha style (their idea, not mine). This means that I had only 20 slides, with each advancing automatically after 20 seconds. It’s a great way to keep on track those of us who tend to linger too long a single slide.

The fancy intro to this video is from the conference where I first gave this talk, E-Patient Connections. So, this talk has a bit of a healthcare theme, but it effectively explains the concept. Be sure to check out the 3:19 mark for some “healthcare meets Facebook” humor. Special thanks to the folks at Kru Research for putting together a nice video.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…well, more laughing, but I digress…just click the image to get started.

If you’re having trouble viewing the video here (probably you iPhone and iPad people), never fear. Click here to watch it on YouTube.


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Here’s a news flash…there’s a lot more for people to do online besides your website, app, social media program…whatever. And chances are that your competition isn’t who you think it is. It isn’t your fiercest rival in your product class or even brands in your category or industry. It’s everything. Everything online is competing for your customers’ time. What are they doing online? What is your competition?

After you review your real competition, click on “The Mistakes” over there on the left and see what the big deal is.


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Here’s a quick look at what NOT to do when it comes to digital marketing. Avoid these 4 big errors and you’ll dramatically reduce the change of people hating you. After that, click on “The Solutions” over on the left to see what you should be doing instead.

Click each thumbnail to read about each.


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So, you’ve seen the problems with a lot of digital marketing including the 4 biggest mistakes. Well, I’ve got the solutions for each. However, one thing to mention first and probably the most important test you can put your program through. It’s one simple question that will tell you whether or not you’ll be successful. Ready?

Will people Like it?

I use “Like” with a capital “L” on purpose because I’m talking about that magic Like button made famous by Facebook. You know, this one (but smaller):

Is anyone going to press this button for your content? If not, then head back to the drawing board.

What do people like? Here’s one…it’s a commercial for Old Spice that’s now been viewed more than 22 million times (not to mention the other Old Spice Guy videos that together have been viewed almost 5 times this amount). Just click the image to watch the magic.

I’m not saying you should go out and try to do this or even that you have to make a hilarious video to be successful. I am saying it has to be something that people actually find useful and, get this, don’t mind using.

So, here come the solutions to each of the 4 big problems:


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By now I’m sure you’re looking to download your very own copy of the “We Hate Your .com” official lecture. Good news…here comes a link to download the presentation you saw in the video (click on “The Background” over on the left). This is a pretty big PowerPoint file, so don’t try this on your mobile phone. Also, please don’t be “that guy” and “borrow” some of the assets from the presentation without giving yours truly some credit (find all the credit you’ll need at the end of the presentation).

Enough said…get your copy of [download id=”1″ format=”1″] ([download#1#hits] downloads).

If seven minutes and some PowerPoint slides weren’t enough, you can get the full, unabridged, white paper version (all 20+ pages) that explains each concept in detail right here.

UPDATE (June 2011): Who knew? Turns out a few people liked my manifesto enough for it to win a prestigious Atticus Award from the world’s largest agency holding company, WPP. In their own words, the Atticus Awards are explained like this: “This is an award granted to the WPP’s Atticus Awards honour original thinking in communications services and are open exclusively to professionals working in WPP companies.” I’ve got proof that this won too. Download a list of the  [download id=”2″ format=”1″] right here.


Curious who I am? Well, you’ve clicked the right button.

My name is Jonathan Richman (not the singer) and my day job is Vice President, Product Marketing for  Cincinnati-based startup Zipscene (http://www.zipscene.com ). I’m responsible for leading product development and all marketing and thought leadership efforts for Zipscene.

Prior to joining Zipscene, I was group director of Insights and Planning at Possible Worldwide Cincinnati (formerly Bridge Worldwide) and was responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership for its clients. Possible Worldwide is a top 10 digital marketing agency with offices in 10 countries and more than 1,200 employees, representing clients from Procter & Gamble and Target to Microsoft, ConAgra Foods and Samsung. I was with Possible (originally Bridge Worldwide) for nearly five years.

I’m a fairly well-known and well regarded thought leader in pharmaceuticals and health care digital strategy. I am the creator and author of popular industry blog Dose of Digital, which provides insights on digital marketing in the health industry. AdAge Power 150 named it one of the top overall marketing blogs.

I’m a regular speaker at major national marketing conventions and have been quoted in publications including The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. I was once invited by the Food and Drug Administration to speak at its public hearings on social media in pharmaceuticals and was recently interviewed on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

Beyond health care, I’m a contributor for digital marketing journals such as iMedia Connection and AdAge’s DigitalNext, where I’ve contributed articles on all manner of digital marketing topics. I was recently named a winner of a WPP Atticus award, which recognizes the best thought leadership within WPP, the world’s largest agency holding companies.

Prior to joining Possible Worldwide in 2007, I worked at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals for more than 11 years, holding positions in sales, training, sales leadership and marketing. In my last role, I was U.S. Brand Leader for Faslodex, a company that produces specialty injectable treatment for advanced breast cancer.

I’ve got a great family including a beautiful wife who’s out of my league and an amazing daughter who is out of every guy’s league.
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